QUESTION – 1   Can you deliver the material within three days?

ANSWER -   Yes, We can dispatch your material in three days .but if you want laser printing in your brand so you have to wait for three to five days for receiving your material.


QUESTION – 2 Why don’t you give the material in COD?

ANSWER  -  Before few months ago client had given order to us and worker assembled their material but they didn’t receive their material .so company loss the money & effort also .After that company make the rule who will be  give the order in our company they have to pay  100 % payment in advance . Firstly, they pay 50 % amount when they receive their LR number & courier details then they pay remaining 50 % amount.


QUESTION -   3 Do you have Indian DOB & DRIVER?

ANSWERYes , We have two type of DOB .one is Indian another is Chinese mostly the Indian DOB is preferred by people . Similarly, as Indian driver .


QUESTION – 4 Do you take extra charges of transportation & packing?

ANSWERyes, we take charge to pay the transporter fee.  Including our tax of transporting material to transporter’s place. It’s take to according your material weight.


QUESTION – 5 For how many months you can give the warranty in SKD material?

ANSWER - We can give 6 months warranty in SKD material panel