Top Things to Know About Smart Lighting

Introduction to Smart Light

Smart lighting – as the name suggests – is updated lighting technology that makes the entire lighting system more convenient. Apart from providing convenience, it helps achieve energy efficiency and also adds a layer of security. With smart lighting in place, you can make energy efficient adjustments based on occupancy and daylight availability. This article covers basic smart lighting uses, tips on using smart lights to the best of their capability, and a couple tips to help you make a better choice before buying some smart lights for your residential or commercial usage.

Smart Lighting Major Applications


Minimize Energy Usage

The concept of smart lighting revolves around the fact that people are expected to turn the lights OFF when they leave a room, and the lighting is no longer needed. By installing smart lighting, you can remotely control not just lights and appliances but also cooling and heating gadgets. This helps save energy apart from providing a lot of comfort.

Increase Convenience

Imagine a room lighting up automatically the moment you step in. With the help of sensors like motion sensors and others, the smart lights understand an occupant’s lighting needs and ensure that dark areas light up when in use. This is why they are profoundly used in kids’ rooms as well as the rooms of the elderly.

Enhance Security

These lights help keep trespassers at bay. In the case of a security breach, for instance, floodlights can light up instantly, dissuading the person(s) from further activity. These are also known as vacation lights as people use them to make the home appear occupied while they are away holidaying, keeping burglars at bay.

10 Clever Ways to Put Smart Lighting to Best Use

Technology is making the whole world of lighting smarter by the day. So why not start implementing smart tech at home to reach another level of comfort and convenience? Here are the top 10 things you get by switching to smart lights:

Energy Savings

As discussed in this article multiple times, LED bulbs consume less energy than traditional, incandescent bulbs as well as CFL lamps. On further being attached to dimmer switches, the energy savings multiply. This simple upgrade can save $$$ off your power bills every year. Switch to smart lights and save up for your world tour.

Aesthetic Value

The technology is at a level that first cuts are no more bulky looking robots. Today, smart lights ensure they make the space look beautiful too. By placing dimmers for full intensity or a slightly softer intensity, you can even play with these lights as set just the right mood. These lights help make your home’s interior look better.


Imaging waking up and not having to rush out in the cold to turn the balcony or backyard lights OFF every morning. Smart lights can be programmed as per your convenience, be it motion-based lights ON/ OFF or turning them into holiday lights, and so much more. You forget to turn it off and it still remembers, wow what ease!

Your Health

LED lights are known to mimic natural daylight as well as softer hues for evenings and late nights. They offer proven health benefits. If you use them correctly, they help you increase your alertness levels during the day and can also help put you to sleep, dimming gradually as the night approaches. Can things get any better?


Imagine giving the same experience of a movie hall where the lights gradually dim as the movie begins to your friends at home? Or being able to set up lights that pulse along with the beats of a song at a party? You can achieve this all now without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Smart lights are the answer.


Moving for complex to simple is the main task of technology. This is what smart lights also offer. If you struggle to remember which switch controls which lights – smart lights are here to help. They bring along simple, intuitive controls of a lighting system, so there’s no more wasting time on guessing which switch to toggle.

Remote Access

You can not only access your kids’ room lighting from your room using smart lighting features but also turn ON lights to your driveway as you enter home late in the night. When connected to Wi-Fi, smart lighting can even be accessed remotely, providing you the ultimate peace of mind.


If you are away from home for days and don’t want your home to become target to burglars, you need to make it look occupied. And what better way than having lights ON to make the home appear occupied? While keeping them ON round the clock can attract trespassers’ attention, using Smart Lights that turn ON/ OFF at regular intervals helps keep burglars at bay.

Scare Tactics

Gone are the days of having scarecrows installed at backyards. To scurry away any unwanted visitors from your property, you can install smart lights that actually light up on detecting motion. They simply run off your property.


Making small interior changes can help brighten up a space. When you add smart lighting lamps to a place, they can turn a plain-Jane looking room to a party room in an instant. This helps define your personality to guests and visitors.

Do Smart Light Bulbs Need Wi-Fi?

The answer is a both a yes as well as a no, depending on what all uses you are expecting from your smart light lamps. If you are planning to operate the lights and appliances while you are away from home (remote usage), you definitely need to have Wi-Fi for smart light bulbs. If this functionality is the least of your concerns, smart light bulbs work just as fine without the internet.

2 Things to Know Before You Buy Smart Lights

Smart Bulbs Don’t Work Well with Dimmer Switches

They are known to be good at dimming. However, they come with a built-in dimmer and if you use one in a fixture that’s wired to a dimmer switch, there’s high chance the dual dimmer mechanism will crash. The built-in dimmers work excellently which means you can depend on them.

Different Bulbs Dim Differently

Before you invest in a smart bulb, you need to understand that different bulbs dim differently. Some bulbs use a logarithmic dimming curve while the others use linear dimming curve. If you are a stickler for different dimming types, this information definitely comes in handy.

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As you can see, science and technology are making it easier for us to lead comfortable life. Smart lights are a new addition, and they are here to stay. Be it a residential setting or a commercial one, smart lamps and appliances are helping not just us lead a comfortable life but also help make the world a better place to live in. They are meant to reduce energy consumption so your power bills reduce drastically, and the environment can also breathe a sigh of relief with less carbon footprint being released. Make the smart switch to smart light lamps in India today.

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